Support Groups

In learning to survive cancer, both the patient and the family and friends need emotional, physical and spiritual support. No one should have to travel the journey of cancer alone. All the links on this page will direct you to sites designed to provide support to cancer patients and their families by offering financial assistance, emotional support and education to enhance survivorship. Many of these sites create a means for recovered patients to contact one another and support new patients. In these secured networks, people touched by cancer can exchange experiences and share thoughts. Some sites, like the University of Colorado Cancer Center, offer free telephone counseling for people with cancer. Other sites offer very practical and timely advice such as "What to do if someone you love was just diagnosed with cancer?" A couple sites offer resources to people looking for senior care or assisted living facilities for cancer patients. The "Cancer and Careers" site gives good coaching and advice on workplace issues for people with cancer:

There are websites dedicated to caregivers that offer advice, resources and care tips. ”Joe’s House” is a non-profit organization that helps cancer patients and their families find lodging near treatment centers. Finding suitable places to stay can be challenging when coping with cancer and its treatments and this site is designed to help. We hope you find the support you need and deserve as you travel this journey.